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Team Building Exercises to Drive Performance Improvement

By Sedora Tantraphol These two short and simple exercises can drive continuous performance improvement for your team. 1) Energy Drain / Gain (aka Pain Points and Bright Spots):  A Team-Building Exercise to Leverage Internal Resources The object of this exercise is to identify the tasks that drain your energy (pain points) and that give you […]

Teachable Moments: Improve Team Morale through Real-Time Feedback Loops

  By Sedora Tantraphol A few years ago, I was called in to facilitate a team crisis meeting to address low morale in the office. There was a lot to unpack, but it boiled down to a lot of tension, mistrust, and a culture that did not support open discussion of feelings and misunderstandings. Enter: […]

Examining Effective Boards — Part 1: Building A Sense of Community

A question and answer session with experienced board member Shiva Berman By Sedora Tantraphol For our second guest blog post, we sat down with Shiva Berman, who has served as a nonprofit board member for over 18 years and has held several board leadership roles including board chair, fundraising committee chair, and board development/governance committee […]

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