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If you schedule it, they will appear

By Sedora Tantraphol Our distributed team works because of the communications platforms that keep us (and our clients) feeling connected. For day-to-day communications and tasks, we love Slack. For team-building, we do weekly team meeting video calls using It’s also a cost-effective way to hold frequent meetings with clients. We’ve tried a lot of video […]

“Can’t we all just get along?” We can, with personality tests!

By Sedora Tantraphol Personality tests like Myers-Briggs and DiSC can give you insight into your own strengths and challenges, and why people in your life act the way they do. After understanding what each style prefers (and also what sets them off), you’ll be able to achieve better teamwork, develop more patience and empathy, and create […]

Team Building Exercises to Drive Performance Improvement

By Sedora Tantraphol These two short and simple exercises can drive continuous performance improvement for your team. 1) Energy Drain / Gain (aka Pain Points and Bright Spots):  A Team-Building Exercise to Leverage Internal Resources The object of this exercise is to identify the tasks that drain your energy (pain points) and that give you […]

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