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How to create a Snapchat Geofilter: Promote your brand in a new way

By Katie Stiefel  Snapchat Geofilters are a great way for brands to engage with followers and to create a shared experience. You can create a temporary Geofilter, or a more permanent one. If you follow Moonsail North on Snapchat (username: Moonsailnorth), you probably saw the customized On-Demand Geofilter that we designed for our ribbon cutting […]

Teachable Moments: Improve Team Morale through Real-Time Feedback Loops

  By Sedora Tantraphol A few years ago, I was called in to facilitate a team crisis meeting to address low morale in the office. There was a lot to unpack, but it boiled down to a lot of tension, mistrust, and a culture that did not support open discussion of feelings and misunderstandings. Enter: […]

Examining Effective Boards — Part 1: Building A Sense of Community

A question and answer session with experienced board member Shiva Berman By Sedora Tantraphol For our second guest blog post, we sat down with Shiva Berman, who has served as a nonprofit board member for over 18 years and has held several board leadership roles including board chair, fundraising committee chair, and board development/governance committee […]

How good visual content helps you stand out on social media, online and in fundraising

By Sedora Tantraphol The internet, social media and nonprofit fundraising space are all crowded, but good visual design will help your content stand out from all the noise. Human beings are visual creatures — we process visual information much faster than written information. That explains why photos, infographics and videos get as much as 3 […]

5 questions you should ask before starting a project

By Sedora Tantraphol Here at Moonsail North, we love the opportunity to serve as thought-partners to clients who are on the critical cusp of launching a new product, program or project and need guidance. That guidance might involve determining whether it’s feasible to begin with, the right time to push forward, a good investment, and sustainable. […]

Living the start-up life: 2nd edition

By Rose Tantraphol   Time doesn’t just fly — it pushes forward like a rocket when you love what you do. The Moonsail North team officially launched at the very end of 2014, just before the holidays. Our mission? Marshal storytelling and strategy to help innovators communicate and grow. It has felt like there’s been a wrinkle in time since. How are […]

Why the name ‘Moonsail North’? FOCUS magazine chats with our team.

  By Rose Tantraphol Members of #TeamMoonsail get the question all the time: Why “Moonsail North”? It was a treat to get a call from FOCUS, the magazine of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, to chat about this question and several others, including what puts the wind in our sails, why innovation is key to what we […]

News in a digital world: 5 tips to boost your audience online

By Scott Swanson As a millennial whose first career was as a reporter for a print newspaper, it’s been fascinating to watch the changes in the media landscape. All over the country, new and established media outlets continue to grapple with the best model — both the best business model for the organization’s fiscal health […]

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