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Why the name ‘Moonsail North’? FOCUS magazine chats with our team.

  By Rose Tantraphol Members of #TeamMoonsail get the question all the time: Why “Moonsail North”? It was a treat to get a call from FOCUS, the magazine of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, to chat about this question and several others, including what puts the wind in our sails, why innovation is key to what we […]

5 tips to boost your social media impact with better photos

By Katie Stiefel I started taking photos with the most inexpensive camera you can buy: an oatmeal box pinhole camera. It may have been made of cardboard, duct tape and a piece of an aluminum can, but it taught me how a photo should be composed. Skip forward about six years after that initial black […]

An innovative approach to opening doors of opportunity for children

By Rose Tantraphol Educare California at Silicon Valley is an innovative school in San Jose, California for early learning, and this video captures the moment last week when children broke open the school’s banner — a symbolic gesture that replaced a more traditional ribbon-cutting — to celebrate the school’s opening: Thank you to the community […]

Strategic planning and grant writing consultant among 3 new Moonsail North staffers

The Moonsail North team works together to pull for clients

By Scott Swanson We’re excited to announce the addition of three Moonsail North team members, including Sedora Tantraphol, who joins as director of strategy. Sedora will provide consulting in strategic planning, capacity building, and grant writing — areas that help organizations to grow. She holds a master’s degree in public policy from the University of California, Berkeley, and has served […]

Pure Michigan creativity microadventures

A post on what our Pure Michigan creativity microadventures have to do with client services. As a bonus, at the end, I share our latest recommendations from Traverse City (including where to go for new, outstanding chai). By Rose Tantraphol  I can’t remember how many times I’ve made the three-plus-hour trek from Lansing, Michigan up to Traverse City, […]

Creativity-inspiring spaces for the start-up

By Rose Tantraphol It’s easy to lose hours of your life looking at ideas for spaces designed to foster creativity. The thing with running a startup, though, is that you don’t necessarily have the time to assemble the perfect space. Consider my past weekend. On Saturday, Valentine’s Day, Moonsail North officially celebrated its third month hanging out […]

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