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Getting started with AdWords: 6 tips for PPC newbies

By Scott Swanson Google AdWords can be a confusing beast at first blush. A complicated user interface, different keyword match types, search network vs. display network — it can feel overwhelming to the uninitiated. Compound the variables with the fact that Google constantly makes tweaks; this past week, for example, it was just revealed that […]

Google AdWords via Google Ad Grants: A must-have for nonprofits

By Scott Swanson It’s tough out there for a nonprofit. Public funding is dwindling. There are too many organizations competing for too little money. Keeping the doors open can be hard enough, let alone getting the message out about the great work you do. That’s why the vast majority of nonprofits should be using Google Ad […]

A must-use Google AdWords update for digital managers on iOS

By Scott Google is one of the most innovative, forward-thinking companies in the world. (Its parent company, Alphabet, is also now the world’s most valuable company.) When it comes to certain niche services, however, Google can also be head-scratchingly slow. Google+, the tech giant’s failed social network, was late to market and never caught up to Facebook, […]

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