Why Opening Day should be a holiday

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By Scott Swanson

Since we launched five months ago, the Moonsail North team has been working pretty much day and night – and we’ve been loving every minute of it. But on Tuesday, we did take a few hours off to celebrate one of our favorite days of the year – Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers.

It bummed me out to think that not everyone has the same freedom and flexibility that comes with being a small business owner. So I determined that when I am president, I would declare the following days federal holidays:

  • Opening Day
  • Election Day
  • The entire World Cup (sure it’s 30 days and the entire world economy would probably grind to a halt, but it only happens once every four years!)
  • Oberon Release Day (while I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to, few things ring in summer better than that first Oberon of the year)
  • The day a new Radiohead album is dropped
  • The day a new Blur album is dropped
  • The day a new album is dropped from pretty much any musician I enjoy
  • Rasheed Wallace’s birthday (because he’s the coolest)

OK, now pretend you’re president. What are your holidays?