Meet #TeamMoonsail

We take caffeine, puns and self-care seriously

Where does a compass point? North. And where does the Moonsail North team get our direction from? Our values. They’re right on our wall, and they matter because we can craft more compelling projects for our clients when we’re immersed in the right culture.

We have a distributed team, with staffers in Michigan and California. We work extremely hard, and we take caffeine, puns and self-care seriously. Moonsail North maximizes your impact by listening, working collaboratively, and honoring both the art and the science behind engaging stories.

Meet #TeamMoonsail

Core Creative Team

As a woman- and minority-owned small business, our agency believes that it’s the quality of what you produce that matters most. Our team members pair storytelling and strategy with a strong work ethic to help you communicate and grow. If you work with us, these are the team members who — day in and day out — invest the planning sessions and sweat equity needed to steer your project toward the shores of success.

Founder and CEO
Scott Swanson Headshot
Founder and President
Chief Creative Officer
Administration and Finance Director
Senior Marketing Strategist
Senior Marketing Strategist
Katie Franz Headshot
Public Relations Specialist
Nick Skorupski Headshot
Marketing Specialist
Neha Beniwal Headshot
Senior Graphic Designer
Liv Ceithaml Headshot
Public Relations Intern

Core Specialization Team

Market Researcher
Matt Mitchell Headshot
Senior Graphic Designer