Helping innovators — like the USGBC — communicate and grow

By Scott Swanson

When people ask what we do at Moonsail North, our answer is pretty simple.

We use storytelling and strategy to help innovators communicate and grow.

We helped a Silicon Valley start-up run a Kickstarter that beat its goal by 34 percent. We told the story of a mission-based, market-driven biotech firm aiming to fix the world’s looming food shortage. We raised awareness of a cutting-edge media outlet and the summer camp it runs to train the next generation of Pulitzer-winning journalists.

We’ve had a great time this month working with Washington, D.C.-based U.S. Green Building Council – the folks behind LEED certification – to roll out an economic impact study showing the immense impact green building has in Michigan and across the country. The study, meticulously prepared by Booz Allen Hamilton, found that green construction is creating more than 2 million jobs in America — more than the entire motion picture, home video and television industries combined. In Michigan alone, green construction accounts for more than 140,000 jobs — a number expected to double by 2018. Coverage included MLive, WDET and an upcoming piece in WGVU.


It’s been a real pleasure to spread the word about the USGBC’S innovative approach to sustainability and job creation. Here are a few other highlights of our work with the USGBC over the past six months:

By the way, Battle of the Buildings was announced last week as a winner for the first-ever Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards. The USGBC West Michigan’s Battle of the Buildings competition won for  best communication or education program — another recognition highlighting the forward-thinking leadership of one of the most innovate organizations out there!


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