Welcome, baby Kai!


ICYMI: Earlier this week, we announced the birth of #TeamMoonsail’s newest member, Kai Enzo Swanson.  

Congrats to co-founders Rose Tantraphol and Scott Swanson!

Team members Katie and Emily got to visit him in the hospital, and (auntie) Sedora got to create his Instagram account and have fun creating photos to help Kai make his social media debut:



Thanks to everyone who entered guesses into our baby pool. We had quite a spread:

IMG_1697DOB: 6/25 – 7/7

Weight: 6 lb, 7oz. – 8 lb., 8 oz.

Length: 18.75” – 21.5”

Actual Stats: 6/25, 6 lb., 7 oz., 19”

Congrats to our winners:

  1. Michael Kean (Sedora’s husband): for exact DOB
  2. Sedora Tantraphol for exact weight
  3. Brian Lum (office neighbor) for closest length (0.2” off!)

Science tells us that the early years — 0-3 — are extremely important in developing a child’s brain, coordination, and social and emotional skills. In honor of Kai’s birth and his upcoming journey through these critical developmental years, Moonsail North will make a donation to Educare California at Silicon Valley, one of our clients dedicated to changing the trajectories of low-income children ages 0-5 and their families by providing access to free, high quality early childhood education and services.  

There’s a lot of speculation already as to who the baby looks like (he’s definitely got Rose’s nose and hair!) and personality (his quietness has us guessing that he’s an introvert like his dad!) but what we can all agree on is that he is adorable.

You can follow Kai’s adventures on Instagram at @hellokaienzo.