What inspires #TeamMoonsail


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As communicators, innovators and storytellers each member of #TeamMoonsail understands the importance of constantly looking for new sources of inspiration. We wholeheartedly believe that inspiration can be found anywhere. Here’s a peek at some of the places we look to for inspiration. 

1.) Unusual rhythms

There’s a concept in Zen Buddhism called a koan—those weird riddles that make no sense, like “what is the sound of one hand clapping.” Well, not making sense is the point—the idea is to break you out of your rut of traditional thinking. One of Scott’s passions is flamenco guitar—partly because he loves the nontraditional rhythms that form the music’s backbone. While most Western music is counted in measures of three or four, flamenco often uses a 12-beat cycle that creates a strange, loping feel. Getting a feel for those weird rhythms is like working your way through a koan—and it can be a great workout for your brain.

2.) #PureMichigan

There’s something about Tim Allen’s voice paired with beautiful shots of many different cities in Michigan that makes Katie want to hop in her car and visit places she’s never seen — or even places she’s been a handful of times. Katie is a diehard Spartan fan, but the Ann Arbor ad makes even her want to stroll the sidewalks of the city full of Wolverines. #PureMichigan is a great example of how photo and video (and enhanced with the right audio) can have a big impact on people. Once she really does hop into a car and travel around the state, it doesn’t disappoint. Her favorite outdoor activities in Michigan are: kayaking the lakes, climbing the dunes and hiking the trails.

 3.) Hammocking

Whether it’s with a friend or with a book, you can’t go wrong with taking a break to go hang from some trees. It’s so comfortable, the leaves are rustling in the wind, the birds are chirping, it’s just awesome. It’s a great way to change your perspective and think in a peaceful place. A hammock is lightweight so you can take it just about anywhere and all you have to do is find some trees close enough together to have a good time.

 4.) Brilliant design

Whether it’s her MacBook Air or ancient systems of wellness such as yoga or Ayurveda, Rose is inspired by brilliant design. Good design has the power to impact a tremendous number of people and make their lives better.

 5.) Driven people

Rose is also inspired by the dedication  of people who have their eyes on the prize –athletes who spend years working toward one event, entrepreneurs who work doggedly to build up a business or community activists and advocates working tirelessly for a cause.

 6.) Nature photos on Instagram

There are so many beautiful places in this big world of ours and Sedora wants to travel to them all! But since she can’t, she lives vicariously by looking at other people’s travels — the northern lights, crystal blue waters, unreal sunsets and abandoned ancient places. Sometimes she finds a place so beautiful, it becomes her next travel destination.  But mostly, she loves discovering places she didn’t even know about and dreaming about visiting someday. Some of her favorite accounts to follow are: aroundtheworldpix, main_vision,  places.earth,  nightphotography, and jaw_dropping_shots.

 7.) Great chefs

Sedora is inspired by chefs who use ingredients creatively, who pair interesting flavor profiles in new ways, and who use new methods to literally change the way we eat.  It floors her that we’ve had the ability to cook with fire for thousands of years, yet there is still room for culinary innovation. There are billions of possible combinations and permutations of dishes just by changing a few ingredients and spices! She loves tasting something she’s never had before, trying to recreate flavors and techniques at home, and finding a recipe and adding her own take to it. Life is short–eat happy!

 8.) People (and pinterest!)

Emily spends a great deal of her time planted in front of a computer screen. While it’s easy to say that she finds inspiration from online blogs and social media sites like Pinterest (and she does!) the truth of the matter is that she feels most inspired when she steps outside the digital foray and communicates with someone the old-fashioned way: in person. Thanks to her journalism roots, she has found that each person has their own unique story to share, their own specific flare that they bring to the universe that no one else captures in quite the same way. Connecting with people — and hearing their story– is what Emily finds profoundly inspiring.

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