Ten easy sustainability swaps to make now

#TeamMoonsail reveals our favorite eco-friendly products we’ve switched to, and we’re never going back

To celebrate Earth Day, we’re reflecting on how we can integrate more sustainable, eco-friendly habits into our routine to keep our Earth beautiful and clean.

Sustainability, going green, and reducing our carbon footprint are becoming core consumer issues, which means brands are taking note and marketing their greening efforts. And as more companies shift to offer more eco-friendly products, individuals are transitioning to trying and using them.

We’ve seen it from Starbucks when they announced the rollout of straw-less lids across the U.S. and Canada, and Coca-Cola starting the transition to 100% recycled plastic in the Netherlands and Norway. Even beauty companies like bareMinerals are creating eco-friendly products!

Creating a sustainable lifestyle can begin with the products you buy, what you eat, the forms of transportation you use, and your energy use and waste disposal practices. Your habits become a part of your personal brand and whether or not you consider yourself an “environmentalist,” there are easy changes you can make that can add up to a big environmental impact.

If you’re looking for vetted products to make the jump or to add to your ever-increasing eco-friendly lifestyle, check out our list of products our team loves:

Around the house and kitchen

  • Shop sustainable home essentials and cleaning products from Grove or Blue Land. Reduce waste from plastic bottles with concentrated, powdered cleaning supply subscriptions, and get them shipped right to your door! (Everything we’ve tried smells and works great!)
  • Replace one-time-use plastic bags and plastic wrap with either beeswax wrap or reusable zip bags. Both come in cute designs and are great for keeping food fresh at home or on-the-go.
  • Eat garden-to-table! Grow your own produce when possible to reduce the effects of shipping, packaging, and pesticides. (If you don’t have a lot of space for a garden, look into a local community garden, or support your local CSA.)
  • Get reusable metal straws. They come in different colors and sizes (including telescoping ones for convenient on-the-go sips), and some kits come with silicone straw tips, a carrying bag/keychain and a cleaning pipe.
  • Start a reusable coffee mug collection. Ditch wasteful paper and plastic coffee cups, and match the mug to your mood or favorite outfit of the day for a fun conversation starter.

In the bathroom

  • Purchase clean make up and skin care products. Do your own research or shop Sephora’s Clean at Sephora section!
  • Switch to reusable make up removal cloths, facial rounds, and masks.
  • Ditch exfoliator body or face products that contain synthetic micro beads.
  • Say goodbye to plastic tampon applicators and hello to leak-proof, absorbent Thinx period underwear.

In the laundry room 

  • Throw wool dryer balls in with your load to reduce drying time and keep your clothes static-free. They come in many fun colors and patterns, and you can spray the dryer balls with essential oils to add your favorite scent to your laundry. (An added bonus: the dryer balls keep your toddler occupied and prevents them from throwing clean laundry all over the floor!)
  • Mesh laundry bags keep small or delicate items together and protected, and they prevent plastic from synthetic fabrics from polluting our waterways.

At a company level, consider giving out (branded) sustainable swag items for your next event or welcome package.

#TeamMoonsail’s always looking to do more, so share your favorite products and practices with us!