#TeamMoonsail Gives Thanks

By Samantha Capone and Georgia Carlson

2022 brought many challenges and opportunities, making us grateful for all the creativity and collaborations we have shared.

We have expanded our team, welcoming four new talented members and their furry friends. Many of our team members experienced exciting life events, with breathtaking trips, a gorgeous wedding, a new baby brand ambassador, and more. Our team has been honored to support our diverse changemaker clients and learn from each impact-driven project we take on. 

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re taking a moment to highlight each team member in what they are thankful for this year.


When reflecting on 2022, Founder and CEO Rose feels thankful to have a year filled with a sense of normalcy. “After a couple of tough pandemic years, I’m very grateful to be back traveling again, both for client events and for personal getaways.” She notes, “traveling this past year has helped me to recharge and recalibrate.”


Founder and President Scott also felt restored and uplifted by the explorative adventures he has embarked on in 2022. “This year brought several opportunities for personal travel, here in Michigan and throughout the country.” He continues, “In a post-pandemic world, I’m more grateful than ever for the privilege to experience new and beautiful places.”


The biggest highlight for our Chief Creative Officer was welcoming another child into the world. She is grateful for her friends and family who supported her throughout the experience.

“I’m most grateful for my strong baby girl Alexis, whose smiles and big personality make my heart happy.” She applauds the health care nurses, doctors, medicines, and interventions that made it possible for Alexis to leave healthy from the NICU.


Our Administrative and Finance Director was grateful to foster her adorable cat Java in her now multi-cat household, from which she “gained invaluable knowledge and experience” that she can use to foster future fur babies needing a home.


Alongside her work with #TeamMoonsail, our Marketing Strategist and lifelong Spartan Elexi has been working toward her master’s degree in global health at Michigan State University. Elexi says, “I’m grateful to be nearing the end of grad school, and for the opportunity I have to pursue an education in the first place.”

She adds, “I’m also always thankful for my loved ones — both in human and chihuahua form!”


Amariah is deeply grateful for her family, friends, and fur babies. “We’re very lucky to have spent our year in good health and good company,” she says.

One memory in particular that our Marketing Strategist treasures is her stunning wedding in northern Michigan this past summer. “I’m especially grateful to have married my best friend this year!”


While #TeamMoonsail’s Graphic Designer Neha is currently visiting family and traveling around India, earlier in the year she had an even bigger life change.

“I have had an incredible year with a move to Canada, but being home after nine years with my family has been an emotional and gratifying experience,” she explains.


#TeamMoonsail’s Marketing Coordinator-turned-world-traveler studied abroad in Rome this year! Feeling immensely grateful for the opportunity, Sam says, “I learned, saw, and experienced so much that I had dreamed about for so long.” 

Sam is always grateful for her loved ones, but this year felt extra special. Not only did she take a summer trip with her extended family to celebrate her grandparents in upstate New York, but she also feels lucky to have kicked off her senior year living with her best friends, “cultivating amazing, bittersweet memories.”


Our new Marketing Intern is thankful for her family, friends, and health. She is also appreciative of the opportunity to travel all around Europe and live in Rome for an extended period of time. 

“I am thankful to have met new friends! It opened my eyes to so many new and different people, places, and things. It changed my life for the better!”


Moonsail North’s Public Relations Intern is very thankful for her family this year. When she surrounds herself with her loved ones, fun and laughs always seem to ensue, with Katie mentioning that she is “lucky to have such a tight-knit family.” 

Katie is also appreciative of her travel abroad memories — she became a world traveler as she studied abroad in Italy and even got to visit Ireland!


Through all of the exciting team events, creative projects, deadlines, and celebratory milestones, we feel grateful for the positive and collaborative environment that has been foundational for #TeamMoonsail. “It’s hard to put into words just how energizing it is to collaborate with this crew each and every day,” says Rose.

Scott reflects, “I’m incredibly grateful for my talented, compassionate and tenacious teammates, who consistently show remarkable initiative and leadership as they grow into their roles and exceed even my highest expectations.”

When asked why they are thankful to be part of #TeamMoonsail, members noted how driven, passionate, thoughtful, and supportive the team is, and others described how much they love the joy, laughter, and GIFs that are shared daily. 

We look forward to all of the memories we will have together in 2023!

What are some experiences or highlights that you have felt grateful for this year, both personally and professionally? Share your reflections with #TeamMoonsail, and for more tips, inspiration, and the occasional pun, follow us on social media!