Language-learning service review: Duolingo


Interested in learning a second language? Don’t miss this invaluable – and free — resource

By Scott Swanson

In just a few short days, our friends Bryan and Sarah from Nourished World will be flying to Costa Rica. They’ll be living there for the next year (or more!), offering health and yoga retreats, providing health coaching and working to achieve their mission: to plant seeds of change for their clients, community and the world. It’s a mission we’ve been happy to support!

Yesterday we had coffee with them at Chapelure in Hannah Plaza, to discuss their trip. Since I’ve just returned from Spain, we chatted a bit about trying to learn the language. Turns out we all share an affinity for Duolingo!

As Bryan noted, Duolingo is very similar to Rosetta Stone, but completely free. You can take lessons via the website, or with apps for IOS, Android or Windows Phones. They currently offer Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish and Swedish courses. And because the lessons are game-based, it’s actually a lot of fun.

Of course, when it comes to learning a language, there’s no replacement for following Bryan and Sarah’s lead and immersing yourself in a culture that speaks it. But we can recommend Duolingo as the next best thing – especially for the budget-conscious!

Feb. 4, 2015