The one LinkedIn trick you need to know

By Rose Tantraphol

Here at Moonsail North, we are huge fans of LinkedIn, the professional social network available in 24 languages and boasting more than 414,000,000 members globally. Our team members have been conducting hands-on, one-on-one and group trainings for years now, and LinkedIn’s feature updates get better and better.

Despite the wide range of powerful features, there is one that professionals I work with — from millenials to CEOs — consistently do not know about. It also happens to be one of the most basic and most powerful.

How do I see someone’s recent activity?

It’s often useful to check out someone’s recent posts and likes. It may be someone you are about to have a meeting with, someone you are staying connected with as you job search, individuals you plan to reach out to, former colleagues, and so on. To do this, you will want to check out someone’s recent activity.

It takes a couple steps, really. Type in the person’s name you are curious about and go to their page. Once there, click on the drop-down arrow next to “Send a message.” Select “View recent activity.”

View recent activity

That’s seriously it. (Now, if only the recent changes that are currently frustrating Facebook business page administrators were as easy!)

While you’re at it, can I put in a plug for our LinkedIn company page? Follow it for trends, tips and analyses about storytelling and strategy.