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Five tips for dealing with “Facebook Zero”

By Scott Swanson When The New York Times covers a change to Facebook’s news feed, you know it’s a big deal. And indeed it is. Facebook recently announced what had been rumored for months: that users will begin to see “less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media,” and instead see more from […]

Snapchat 101: Getting Started

By Emily Mata Don’t let the ghost fool you — Snapchat isn’t scary. By now, you’ve surely heard of Snapchat. It’s everywhere — even on TV commercials — and it isn’t going away any time soon. Since it launched in 2011, Snapchat has become a social media phenomenon. The popular app has 150 million active […]

News in a digital world: 5 tips to boost your audience online

By Scott Swanson As a millennial whose first career was as a reporter for a print newspaper, it’s been fascinating to watch the changes in the media landscape. All over the country, new and established media outlets continue to grapple with the best model — both the best business model for the organization’s fiscal health […]

5 tips to boost your social media impact with better photos

By Katie Stiefel I started taking photos with the most inexpensive camera you can buy: an oatmeal box pinhole camera. It may have been made of cardboard, duct tape and a piece of an aluminum can, but it taught me how a photo should be composed. Skip forward about six years after that initial black […]

Create a high impact infographic in Canva – for free!

by Brianna Baker Canva has long been one of Moonsail North’s favorite free design tools. We use Canva to spice up our social media by creating sharable inspirational quotes, adding visual elements to our blog posts, and bringing facts to life through eye-catching infographics and so much more. And though we deeply love Canva, it […]

Sorry, crazy uncles – Facebook’s news feed changes made you less relevant

By Scott Swanson Oh, Facebook. Such a wonderful tool for so many reasons – keeping up with old friends, venting to a captive audience, and even playing a small role in major world events. But let’s be real – Facebook can be a pretty infuriating place, too. For whatever reason – political beliefs, passive-aggressiveness, over-sharing […]

(P)insight into Pinterest’s new buyable pins

By Sedora Tantraphol Earlier this month, Pinterest announced a big change: in-platform purchasing integration through Buyable Pins. Pins, Pins and More Pins What’s the difference between product pins, promoted pins, and buyable pins? Product pins include the price of an item and link to the website for purchase. Product pins have been around for a […]

6 tips that may be of (P)interest to you

By Brianna Baker Pinterest is changing creativity as we know it. Where else can you find fashion trends, art (p)inspiration, humor and an adorable teacup pig all in one place? I lost count of how many times the recipe to my favorite dish at the party was found on Pinterest. For the individual, it’s exciting […]

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