Boost your marketing power with 6 key tips

By Samantha Capone

At Moonsail North, working with clients on inspiring, informative, or individualized projects is what drives us. #TeamMoonsail is grateful to learn and gain experience from each collaboration, and — combined with the formative years of practice each of our team members has — we love sharing the industry insights we have acquired with our audience.

Below are some of the tips and takeaways we have extracted from our latest client projects, ranging from social media best practices and announcements to marketing campaigns and engaging with your audience.

Tip: Develop a flexible social media strategy for announcements and events

The efficacy of any marketing campaign is reliant on a well-timed, consistent plan to assist in a smooth and successful rollout. Many of our recent campaign projects have related to exciting brand announcements, for which “our team uses a holistic communications approach,” describes Marketing Strategist Amariah Maurer.

“Successfully announcing news requires an adaptable social media management and monitoring strategy — both of which are critical to driving awareness and increasing engagement in real time.”

Tip: Capture real-time content and maintain an active presence on social media

Many announcements are accompanied by an event to reveal or further publicize the news, which offers an opportunity for brands to release information and interact with audiences in an authentic, engaging manner. Furthermore, continuing to maintain an active presence on social media to keep the public updated and informed is essential to the event process.

“Prior to an event, our team collaborates to form a social media plan outlining content output and potential needs that arise,” Amariah says about #TeamMoonsail’s integrated social media event strategy. “Then, we capture on-site imagery, create strategic content, and publish across platforms in real time.”

Tip: Identify your brand values and assess how they align with your audience’s values

Managing social media efforts in an effective and sustainable way has increasingly become a central piece to any company’s marketing and communications strategy. When doing so for clients, #TeamMoonsail crafts a social media approach that aligns with their goals and purpose while also driving results and maintaining audience relationships throughout.

Our Marketing Coordinator, Samantha Capone, encourages clients to “find a mix that reflects your brand values and resonates with your audience,” in aligning a successful path toward social media prosperity. However, it is crucial to remember that this mix will likely look different for everyone.

Tip: Conduct market research to understand how to best reach your audience

If the main intention of your content is to inform, for example, try taking a straightforward, professional angle supported by facts and insights that matter to your audience. When working on these types of campaigns, our Marketing Strategist, Elexi Dailey, explains, “By analyzing research and conducting a series of brainstorming sessions, we identify new goals that can be targeted with refreshed social media content, culturally nuanced messaging, and other branded materials.”

Tip: Uplift voices and tell a meaningful story that reflects your brand’s values

On the other hand, if your campaign is better fit to be inspiring or connective, try one of #TeamMoonsail’s favorite methods — storytelling. By amplifying voices that relate to your brand, your community is not only personalized, but it is expanded and strengthened as well. “Meaningful storytelling is what drives audience engagement and communication,” Elexi notes.

Tip: Tailor an approach to work best for you

Social media can “give the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between you and your followers through real-time engagement, consumer insights, and authentic brand storytelling,” Sam explains. But there is no one-size-fits-all social media template to follow. Instead, taking time to form an approach that is adaptable and applicable to your brand is where the most success and results will come from.

Whether you are a marketing professional or an interested reader, we hope you found these tips and experiences from #TeamMoonsail to be insightful and valuable. What pieces of advice have you learned from marketing and communication projects?

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