Ten Podcasts #TeamMoonsail Loves

By Bri Baker

Podcasts are great for passing the time during your commute, while powering through a workout, or simply when you’re curious about something and want to learn more about it. This entertainment forum that was once a niche format has grown in popularity, with nearly half of the American population tuning in.

Storytellers, scientists and comedians alike are using podcasts as a way to disseminate information, challenge biases, or inspire laughter. #TeamMoonsail is always looking for ways to learn and grow, and new mediums to do so. For us, podcasts are a great way to absorb information in an easy listening, bite-sized format. As the TEDblog once wrote, “There’s something so cool about finding a new podcast to love — each little download opens a door to new ideas, new jokes, new ways of seeing the world.” Podcasts are fun and personally fulfilling, but, more importantly, our clients benefit from our broadened understandings of the world.

Here’s a rundown of our top ten favorite podcasts (from light-hearted to serious):

If you’re looking for: A knee-slapping, eyes-watering, hilarious game show version of weekly news that will have you feeling better about the state of our nation…or at least will let you laugh about it.

Recommended podcast: Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

If you’re looking for: Storytelling, reader-submitted essays, quick listens, or stories about romantic relationships, familial relationships, friendship, laughter, tears, and all the joy and tribulations that love endures.

Recommended podcast: Modern Love

If you’re looking for: Savory, delightful, enlightening, crave-worthy fun facts. From “origin story” to “best of”, a loving ode to foods of the world.

Recommended podcast: How It Got In Your Mouth

If you’re looking for: Answers to science’s deepest questions – How do we see color? What is memory? Why do we love? These inquisitive, investigative, infinitely intriguing series delve into everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about.

Recommended podcast: RadioLab

If you’re looking for: Short stories, surprising plot twists, big feelings, captivating, true stories, or funny moments, you’ll love this little movie for the radio.  

Recommended podcast: This American Life

If you’re looking for: An inspiration to start your own company, listen to founders of mega brands spill their secrets with anecdotes of fumbles, triumphs, and innovation.

Recommended podcast: How I Built This with Guy Raz

If you’re looking for: Something to pique your interest, explore these vignettes about curiosity, science, health, psyche, human behavior and biases that shape our choices and the unconscious mind.

Recommended podcast: Hidden Brain

If you’re looking for: A way to quickly and succinctly stay up to date on the realities of our federal government, hear from both sides of the political aisle, and listen to interviews with the very folks who influence the state of our national affairs. It’s the “here’s what you need to know today” for politics junkies.

Recommended podcast: The Daily

If you’re looking for: A way to be moved by quality, in-depth journalism. Don’t be surprised if the stories shared in this podcast make you stop what you’re doing to let the revelations sink in.

Recommended podcast: Reveal

If you’re looking for: “An audio game-changer” that weaves together mystery, anticipation, real-life crime, inside the courtroom listens, unexpected twists and turns, investigative journalism, and commentary about the justice system.

Recommended podcast: Serial

Those are just a few of #TeamMoonsail’s  favorites. What are your go-to podcasts when looking to pass the time? We would love to hear them.