White Elephant for a Cause

By Sedora Tantraphol

Hoping to give more meaningful gifts this holiday season? Consider adding a twist to your usual White Elephant gift exchange with White Elephant for a Cause!

The rules are simple: 

1. Choose your cause 

Each person chooses a cause and writes the organization name and website on a piece of paper. This can be done virtually as well, such as in a google spreadsheet.

2. Pick someone’s name

Write each participant’s name on a separate slip of paper and place it into a box or bag. Each person will pull someone else’s name. This can be done virtually as well via a free online list randomizer, like this one.

3. Share about your cause 

When your name is pulled, share about your cause and why it is meaningful or inspirational to you. This part is best done in person so everyone gets to hear about each cause, but it can be done individually on a buddy-system as well, depending on the size of the group. 

4. Donate to that cause 

Donate a pre-determined amount to the cause chosen by the person you pulled! 

White Elephant for a Cause works well for work teams, friends or families. You’ll get to learn more about what’s important to the people in your life, and you’ll get to recruit someone for a cause you’re passionate about! And if that’s not enough reason to send an email introducing this concept to your group right now, also consider that it eliminates the time required to purchase a gift, gives needed support to community-driven causes, reduces unnecessary consumerism, and ensures you’re giving something you know your recipient will enjoy.

Create easy opportunities to do more good and make lives brighter by donating to organizations making the world a better place! 

Share your experience with #TeamMoonsail after you play White Elephant for a Cause!