Ready + Restored for a New Year!

For many, a new year marks a fresh starting point with renewed goals, ambitions, and purpose. While some people have specific routines and practices to kick it off in the right way, others may be unsure of how to make the upcoming months productive and memorable.

Whichever side you are on, #TeamMoonsail is here to help you prepare with tips and tricks to get ready for a fantastic year ahead!


It can be refreshing to start January off with a clean slate so you can venture into the new year with clarity and efficiency. With this in mind, the first step you can take is to remove things weighing you down.

This can include cleaning or organizing areas around your house and in your life that feel cluttered. You may find it useful or refreshing to:

  • Tackle one room, closet, or area of your house at a time
  • Scrub, sweep, dust, vacuum, wash, or polish up areas or items in your home
  • Toss food, snacks, or condiments that are expired, and reorganize your fridge, pantry, and cabinets
  • Donate or sell clothes that you did not wear in the previous year
  • Set aside clothes that you love but may need small repairs or alterations to fit you better
  • Clean out, throw away, or restock items in your car
  • Record items you did not use so you can focus on more intentional purchases in the new year
  • Recycle old papers and notes in your office
  • Clean old files off your hard drive or store them in a cloud service


Taking the time to review the progress you have made in the months prior can be a powerful tool when a new year begins. To begin, think about the goals you made for the year prior — consider making a list that includes what you learned, how you grew, where you came up short, or what you liked and disliked about the year.

Next, you can refine your ambitions and create specific personal and professional goals to check off in the next year. Identify checkpoints to track your progress. You may consider asking yourself:

  • What do I want the next chapter to hold?
  • What areas of growth would I like to focus on?
  • Toss food, snacks, or condiments that are expired, and reorganize your fridge, pantry, and cabinets
  • What are realistic, timely, and measurable goals that I can set and follow?
  • Set aside clothes that you love but may need small repairs or alterations to fit you better
  • Are there any specific challenges or changes I expect to face next year? If so, how can I best tackle these obstacles or flourish in these changes?
  • What would I like to let go of, and what would I like to carry with me into the new year?


Through the process of reorganizing your daily routines and systems, you may find a fresh perspective and renewed motivation.

For example, maybe it’s time to find a new planning system that works best for you. Members of #TeamMoonsail use different systems for personal and professional planning, including Notion, Trello, or traditional pen and paper. Whichever one you choose, finding a planning structure that keeps track of important dates, goals, or reminders can effectively assist in managing your schedule throughout the year.

You may also find it beneficial to organize and sort through other areas of your life, through steps such as:

  • Establish routines and tasks you would like to regularly engage in
  • Create to-do lists and check off items as you complete tasks
  • Start a journal to prioritize and keep up with your mental health

Having a planning system and reorganizing your routines helps you manage time, stay present, and do more things you love!

Reach out

Following the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the new year can mark a great point to reconnect with people you’ve been meaning to catch up with.

To start, think of the relationships that you’d like to strengthen this year. Next, take the step to reach out — this may include calling an old friend, checking in on a neighbor, writing a mentor, or staying in touch with a family member on a more regular basis.

To build a support system, consider finding groups, organizations/clubs, or recreational teams you can join to meet others with similar interests. As a result of prioritizing and maintaining these meaningful connections, you can relieve stress, foster community, and increase your chances of a healthier, longer


Entering a new year and setting expectations can be overwhelming — it is time to carve out some space for yourself to prioritize restoration and self-care.

You may choose to find a safe, calming space in your home or outside where you can intentionally relax and recover. Our team likes to find an activity that helps us recharge — we’re made up of bakers, gardeners, writers, yogis, and artists who find that unplugging and sinking into our passions brings energy and creativity to our work projects each day.

On the other hand, your definition of restoration may simply include logging off from screens for 10 minutes, taking a bath, going for a walk, meditating, or journaling. However you prefer to step away from the busyness in the world, remember to take the time you need to relax and restore. Make this new year your story to tell!

What tips do you have to start the year off right? Share your favorites with #TeamMoonsail, and for more tips, inspiration, and the occasional pun, follow us on social media!