By Brianna Baker

Life hacks are tricks, shortcuts, skills or techniques used to prioritize time and make our lives more proficient. The Moonsail North team collaborated to come up with a list of our favorite life hacks to share with you.

1. Facebook Link Debugger

Have you ever been frustrated by a missing thumbnail image while sharing a link to Facebook? Well, there’s a tool for that. Facebook provides a Debugger tool that forces an update of your page in Facebook’s cache. All you have to do is copy and paste the link’s URL and press the magical “debug” button. After debugging the link the thumbnail image will appear when the link is shared.

2. The Easy Egg White

Separating an egg yolk from an egg white can be a mildly annoying and messy task, but if you eat egg whites nearly every morning like Bri you appreciate a simple hack to make breakfast time simpler. The method is simple: crack an egg into a bowl and squeeze the opening of an empty water bottle over the yolk. When you release the pressure applied to the bottle the yolk will be sucked inside. Squeeze the yolk from the bottle into the garbage and you have successfully separated the yolk from the egg white.

3. Hang Pictures Like a Pro

This is for all you decorators out there. Sedora shared a tip she found on Pinterest that allows you to easily hang pictures. You simply place a piece of tape between the two holes on the back of your picture then place the piece of tape on the wall. Finish by drilling a hole on each end of the tape and voila you have a perfectly hung picture!

4. Become a Google Chrome Ninja

Many people are unaware of Google Chrome’s multiple profile support, which provides an easy way for users to be signed into their work and personal emails at the same time, and/or allows family members to use the same browser without worrying about having to constantly sign in and out of Google profiles.

5. Speedy Fast Phone Charging

If you ever find yourself in a time crunch with a cellphone that is about to die switch your phone to airplane mode before connecting it to a charger. You will not be able to receive calls, use data or your GPS but your phone will charge significantly faster because you have shut down most of the programs your phone continuously runs.

6. Easily Link to a Youtube Timestamp

YouTube is a great resource to share videos with friends but what if you want to share a specific portion of a video with a friend rather than the entire video? Scott has just the hack you are looking for. You can link to a specific point in a YouTube video by adding an extension to the URL. When you press “play” your video will begin exactly where you want it to.

7. Eco-friendly Cup of Coffee  

A number of corporations are looking to shrink their environmental footprints by reducing the amount of waste they release into the environment. You may not realize but many coffee shops offer a discount to those who bring their own travel mug (BYOM). And sometimes, you are given a little more than you would have been given with the standard cup sizes. The environment wins, and so does your wallet!

8. Geek Your Tweets

Have you ever wondered how your tweets are performing on Twitter? Twitter provides an underutilized tweet analytics tool, which allows you to see how your tweets are performing in real time, compare impressions, and view the number of retweets, replies, favorites, follows, link clicks and embedded media clicks each tweet received. Twitter also makes it easy to export your tweet performance metrics into a CSV file.

9. Stove Top Lifesaver 

Some of us on the Mooonsail North team are accomplished cooks. As for the rest of us, well we are still trying to find our rhythm in the kitchen. It does not matter which side of the spectrum you fall, Katie’s kitchen hack will save your stove top’s life. Next time you find yourself boiling a pot of water apply butter around the rim of the pot to keep your water from boiling over.

10. The Organized Traveler 

Like most of us, Rose dreads packing. She loves visiting a new destination but packing for a trip can become overwhelming. Rose turned to David Allen, the Getting Things Done (GTD) guy to help simplify her packing routine. Allen suggests leaving all of your travel essentials in one drawer, which allows you to easily access your must-haves and replenish them prior to your trip.

So whether you are a social media enthusiast, decorator, traveler or talented in the kitchen we hope you are able to use one of our life hacks to make your life just a little easier. Connect with us on social. We would love to hear some of your favorite life hacks!