By Brianna Baker

Pinterest is changing creativity as we know it. Where else can you find fashion trends, art (p)inspiration, humor and an adorable teacup pig all in one place? I lost count of how many times the recipe to my favorite dish at the party was found on Pinterest. For the individual, it’s exciting to have access to a platform that allows us to discover, save and share pins that inspire creativity. For businesses and organizations, Pinterest’s fast-growing 70+ million users makes it a viable avenue to reach their target audiences, build their brand, and drive traffic to their sites.

So whether you’re using Pinterest personally or professionally, check out this short list of our favorite Pinterest features and exciting updates to make sure you’re maximizing your creative or traffic-generating pinning time.

1. Pinterest Browser Button

Imagine browsing the web and coming across a recipe, product or DIY project you’d like to save for later. Pinterest can help you to do just that! Pinterest has made some recent updates that allows you to save something useful from the web in just a couple clicks.

If you use the Google Chrome browser, you can download the Pinterest browser button to save anything you come across.

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Pinterest has also brought the Pin It button to a number of platforms, including Tumblr, Blogger, and Wix. These new integrations make it easier than ever to add the Pin It button to your site. (Is your site not powered by those platforms? Pinterest has you covered. Add your Pin It button here.)

2. Pinning With Friends 

Ever find a pin that is just too good to keep to yourself? Luckily, you don’t have to. You can make Pinterest more fun by using it as a community to (p)inspire others. Pinterest provides three easy ways to share and create conversations around your favorite discoveries.

  1. Mention: A great way to call attention to a pin is to mention someone in a comment.Pin1
  2. Send: If you find a pin that you know your friend will appreciate, simply send it to them. Click the send button, then click the tiny thought bubble to send a personalized message with the pin. You can also send pins to non-users via email. 
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  3. Create a group board: You can also create a public or secret group board which allows you to invite fellow pinners to a communal, idea sharing board. Group boards are great for event planning, sharing family vacation ideas or gathering decorating ideas for that room you’ve been meaning to get around to.Pin3

3. Pinterest Isn’t Just For Women

Pinterest’s mission is to help its users discover and save creative ideas. According to a 2014 study, 85 percent of Pinterest users are female, but Pinterest has something for everyone. A recent update was rolled out in an effort to make the platform even more inclusive. You can now identify your preferred gender under a custom field in your account settings. Identifying your gender will allow Pinterest to cater pins that may be more relevant to you.

4. Board Organization For The Type A Pinner (cough, Rose & Sedora)

You can thank the Pinterest gods for understanding your need for organization. You can easily alphabetize or group yours boards with the steps listed below – maybe you want to group all your food boards first, and then all your crafts, etc.

  1. Log onto your Pinterest profile.
  2. Take your mouse and hover your mouse ‘pointer’ over any Pinterest board you’d like to move. Your mouse ‘pointer’ icon will change to a ‘hand’ icon.
  3. When the ‘hand’ icon’ appears, left click with your mouse on the board. Hold the left click  mouse button and move the board anywhere you’d like.
  4.  When you have moved it to where you want it to be located, unclick  the left mouse button and release the board.
  5. That’s it!

5. The Next Big Thing: Buyable Pins 

Pinterest is ever-evolving and it’s about to get even better. After many requests, Pinterest has decided to allow its users to shop millions of hand-picked products that will be easy to purchase straight from the platform. In just a few short weeks, you will see a blue “Buy It” button appear next to the red “Pin It” button on some of your pins. The new Buy It option will allow you to checkout through the Apple Pay app or online with a credit card. Pinterest has assured users that credit card information will not be stored and buying will be secure.

Pinterest hopes that the update will create a larger conversation around the platform and is excited to see new creativity fostered through buyable pins. Pinterest would also like to provide smaller retailers the opportunity to use buyable pins, but right now it’s just for the larger brands.

(Buyable pins are different from the Product Pins that you currently see, which list the item price but directs you back to the original website for purchase.)

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7. Tailwind: Pinterest Analytics 

Tailwind is an analytics and campaign management tool for Pinterest that allows businesses to discover their most influential followers, identify popular pins, track account engagement and monitor their competition. It even integrates with Google Analytics. Tailwind offers a free version, Lite version for $29 a month and Professional and Enterprise version that ranges in cost from $99 to $299 a month for those who want all the bells and whistles.

For more good ideas, industry trends and lifestyle hacks, follow our Pinterest boards.

Happy Pinning!

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