Gifting story-starters in celebration of Moonsail North’s fifth year

#StartYourStory with pen and paper or type it on the go

By #TeamMoonsail

Collaboration is one of #TeamMoonsail’s core values, and we try to balance tactile, personal touch points as much as digital storytelling and connections.

In reflecting on how best to celebrate our fifth anniversary, we felt the time was right for a brand refresh. Our vibrant team and our wonderful clients have grown and evolved, and we wanted a new color palette and typography that would show this. And it wouldn’t be a true celebration without recognizing the tremendous client partnerships that have been part of our own growth story.

After researching many brandable items, we landed on gifting our supporters with all the elements needed to #StartYourStory. The gift set includes a branded notebook, powerbank, and pen. When our collaborators open the sleek branded box, they would hold the power(bank) of storytelling in their hands. Completing the send is our newly minted brochure to showcase our breadth of services shown in a unique way: stand-alone cards, that when put together, show the progression of the moon’s phases, just as our services fit together to provide a full suite of storytelling mediums.

This milestone gift was about more than celebrating an anniversary, though that’s what drove its impetus. It was about reminding you our constellation of collaborators, clients, referrers, and friends that storytelling moves all of us, and Moonsail North is proud to have been part of sharing your story of impact. In collaboratively crafting your story, you helped shape ours, and as we officially move out of our start-up phase, we will be forever grateful that you set sail with us.

We’ve loved hearing feedback from recipients, and delighted in how this gift has enabled us to learn more about our collaborators. That many of you wrote to us to share your passion for calligraphy, journaling, paper, pens, and more touched everyone on our team. As storytellers, nothing is more fulfilling to us than knowing that our gift inspired many of you to reflect on your own narratives.

If you’re interested in collaborating as you chronicle the efforts and impact of your business or organization, contact us. Let’s #StartYourStory.