The journey continues: Moonsail North’s five-year anniversary brand refresh

By Rose Tantraphol and Scott Swanson

A lot has changed in our world over the past five years.

The reach and influence of social media continued to expand while traditional media companies were forced to contract. Our technology got smarter—and more invasive. McDonald’s started serving all-day breakfast. The Cubs (the Cubs!) won the World Series while our beloved Tigers went from perennial contender to perpetual bottom-feeder. The national political landscape has been… interesting, to say the least.

And Moonsail North has gone from a scrappy startup to a thriving, growing company that we’re immensely proud of.

With that growth and change in mind, we’re excited to reveal our brand refresh as part of our fifth anniversary celebration.


Radiohead’s “Sail to the Moon,” a song about pushing forward toward a brighter future, inspired our agency’s name. Our logo embraces a moon with built-in sails for the journey. We chose a font that evokes a page-turning story because the wind behind a strong marketing communications project is a simple, compelling narrative.

When we originally launched, our logo featured the colors of calm waters near a shore. The bottom moon/sail – in a foamy hue of blue – was mirrored in a darker shade above. In 2019, we embraced a deeper marine to reflect the more expansive waters of embarking on our milestone fifth year. The change felt subtle but important – from a team energy perspective, it was reflective of our growth. From a practical perspective, moving from a light-and-dark moon/sail allowed our designers more flexibility for color play in a wider range of digital and print environments. Pulled together, the change is a daily reminder to our team of our evolution and our commitment to embrace growth while staying flexible.

We’re so grateful for our clients, collaborators, friends, family, pets – hell, for anyone and everyone who has helped us and cheered us on along the way. Things have been very busy over at Moonsail North HQ lately, and we have some more exciting announcements coming in the weeks and months ahead.

But for now, we’re taking an ever-so-brief moment to celebrate the road behind us and reflect on the path ahead.