Staying productive at work during the holidays



By Katie Stiefel    

As the holiday season rolls around, to-do lists get longer with shopping, traveling, decorating, hosting and planning. On top of all the chaos that comes with the holiday spirit, you have to stay productive at work. Here are some ways you can keep up your momentum in the office and stay as focused as you are during the rest of the year.  

1. Prioritize

Get your tasks and projects into a digital or paper system, and out of your head. Once you see all of your commitments and to-do’s, decide which ones need the most attention and tend to those first. The relief of clearing your mental clutter will be significant. Once you have your list, focus on one thing at a time. If you’re being pulled in many different directions, multitasking won’t help. Pro tip: if you prioritize your next day’s tasks the night before (or before you leave the office for the day), you’ll be able to jump right in when you start working the next day.


2. Set reminders

Using reminder tools, whether it’s the alarm on your phone, Google alerts or an app, will help keep you on track to achieve your goals for the day. Members of our team love using the reminders on our messaging app, Slack. Using a reminder forces you to commit to the task at hand. You can consciously set the reminder and tell yourself you will stick with the activity for an amount of time that works best for your schedule.


3. Only check email once an hour

Many of us check our email too frequently. Answering emails each time you see a popup or hear a ding will kill your productivity. In an online survey of 400 U.S. white-collar adult workers, the estimated amount of time spent checking emails was 6.3 hours each day. Checking your email only once an hour will give you time to work on projects that need to be finished. If something is absolutely urgent, the sender will call you.


4. Stay creative

Be sure to work with the same passion you always have. For #TeamMoonsail, the passion in the work we do comes easily, as we feed off of the energy of the innovators we collaborate with. Sparking creativity throughout your workplace should be encouraged. Promoting this type of culture will lead to productivity because employees will own ideas and nurture these ideas from beginning to end.


5. Breathe

Don’t get anxious about the myriad of things that await you at work every day. Take time each morning to organize your thoughts in a calm manner so you can face the day head on. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress. When you breathe deeply, a message is sent to your brain to relax. The things that happen when you’re stressed–increased heart rate, fast breathing and high blood pressure–all decrease as you take deeper breaths. Making this a part of your morning ritual may help you better concentrate on the work ahead of you.


The holiday season is for celebration. We hope these tips help to create a joyful time at the office and outside of it. Let us know how you remain productive this time of year!