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19 brilliant gift ideas to win Christmas: A holiday gift giving guide by the geeky Moonsail North team

By Sedora Tantraphol Is your goal is to win Best Gift award at your family/friend/office holiday party this year, but you find yourself stressed out and gift-less as you read this? Because let’s face it, who’s got time to brainstorm, find, research, buy and gift wrap Best-Gift-Ever!-worthy gifts before December? (Those rare people who thoughtfully […]

(P)insight into Pinterest’s new buyable pins

By Sedora Tantraphol Earlier this month, Pinterest announced a big change: in-platform purchasing integration through Buyable Pins. Pins, Pins and More Pins What’s the difference between product pins, promoted pins, and buyable pins? Product pins include the price of an item and link to the website for purchase. Product pins have been around for a […]

6 tips that may be of (P)interest to you

By Brianna Baker Pinterest is changing creativity as we know it. Where else can you find fashion trends, art (p)inspiration, humor and an adorable teacup pig all in one place? I lost count of how many times the recipe to my favorite dish at the party was found on Pinterest. For the individual, it’s exciting […]

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