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Our 10 favorite hacks to make life easier

  #TeamMoonsail compiled our favorite hacks that use creativity and innovation to make life easier and more efficient, so we can all have more time to do the things we love, like hammocking and painting. Work Hacks: Use PicMonkey to resize photos As #TeamMoonsail’s resident photographer, Katie is dedicated to her craft. Not only does […]

Shark Week has year round impact

By Katie Stiefel One fateful week in August of 1988, Shark Week premiered on Discovery Channel. The most wonderful week has already come and gone this summer, but shark conservation should be discussed year-round. Shark Week content has been heavily devoted to conservation efforts and correcting the misconceptions about sharks that movies like Jaws help […]

What inspires #TeamMoonsail

    As communicators, innovators and storytellers each member of #TeamMoonsail understands the importance of constantly looking for new sources of inspiration. We wholeheartedly believe that inspiration can be found anywhere. Here’s a peek at some of the places we look to for inspiration.  1.) Unusual rhythms There’s a concept in Zen Buddhism called a koan—those […]

How to keep your DSLR camera clean

By Katie Stiefel It’s summertime and you’re framing the photo you’re taking with your DSLR camera with the beach in the foreground and the sunset in the background. But wait–what are those gray spots in the top corner? Birds? Nope. It’s dust on the sensor of your camera, and now you have to edit those […]

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