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Increase Engagement with Instagram Stories

By Katie Stiefel     UPDATE: On Oct. 27, Twitter announced it’s shutting down the video-sharing service Vine “in the coming months.” Vine allows users to share 6-second video clips. With prominent platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat allowing users to post videos and Stories, Vine failed to protect itself from competitors. Similar to Meerkat, Vine did […]

Internship takeaways: What I learned during my 4 months with #TeamMoonsail

By Emily Mata Internships are a learning experience. Heading into my internship with Moonsail North, my goals were to be exposed to agency life, grow as a professional, get hands-on experience and expand my skillset. In the four short months I have spent interning with #TeamMoonsail, I have learned more than I could have ever […]

Cake decorating and strategic communications: How hobbies can fuel your work

By Emily Mata There is something profoundly rewarding about being able to create something out of nothing. Whether it’s filling a blank page with words, a naked canvas with paint or mixing ingredients together to bake a cake, there is nothing quite like seeing your hard work come to fruition. There are a lot of […]

Business startups, human startups, and celebrations

By Rose Tantraphol A year after launching a business startup, I was pregnant with a human startup — and this month, both came together as part of a ribbon-cutting celebration for Moonsail North’s new HQ, hosted by Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce. What has struck me most about the common bond between having a business in its […]

How to create a Snapchat Geofilter: Promote your brand in a new way

By Katie Stiefel  Snapchat Geofilters are a great way for brands to engage with followers and to create a shared experience. You can create a temporary Geofilter, or a more permanent one. If you follow Moonsail North on Snapchat (username: Moonsailnorth), you probably saw the customized On-Demand Geofilter that we designed for our ribbon cutting […]

Get to know #TeamMoonsail: A closer look at what makes each member unique

By Emily Mata Over the last month, the members of #TeamMoonsail have spent a lot of time together. In late July, Sedora flew from California to Michigan for a whirlwind month of Moonsail North activities (including being introduced to #TeamMoonsail’s newest member). Between the ribbon cutting at Moonsail North HQ, the #TeamMoonsail retreat, our team […]

Cards Against Humanity Murder Mystery: A Fun, Creative Storytelling Icebreaker

By Sedora Tantraphol Last week, #TeamMoonsail held our annual retreat at Think Space. To kick off a full day of reflection, visioning and bonding, we started off with a creative storytelling icebreaker: Cards Against Humanity Murder Mystery!   The rules are simple: Each player gets a game board and 10 cards. Each player has 5-10 minutes […]

How good visual content helps you stand out on social media, online and in fundraising

By Sedora Tantraphol The internet, social media and nonprofit fundraising space are all crowded, but good visual design will help your content stand out from all the noise. Human beings are visual creatures — we process visual information much faster than written information. That explains why photos, infographics and videos get as much as 3 […]

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